All pharmacies are not equal. Some pharmacies only want to fill scripts cheap and fast.


At Belle Mead we focus first on patients: providing better coordinated care, improving health. And yes then we fill scripts.

We are Belle Mead, the Long Island Pharmacy that provides a higher level of care.   We work closely with your doctor to make sure you stay well.  Doctors consult our clinical pharmacists daily to help choose medicines and set the correct dosing for patients.  Seniors and parents depend upon us to deliver medications to their home, work, senior residence or assisted living facility so they never have to worry about not having your medications when they need them. We provide precision compounded medicines daily to patients who turn to us for affordable cash pricing that's lower than out-of-pocket insurance pricing.  



Our clinical pharmacists review new prescriptions against patients profiles to identify care issues - missing required drugs or devices, incorrect dose or quantity - before filling the prescriptions.


We work closely with physicians to address issues. Due to our "more care approach" we have stopped patients taking medications contraindicated for their allergies, never dispensed diabetic medications without appropriate lancets and alcohol wipes, and have ensured patients on chronic care drugs are never out of their drugs. 




At Belle Mead we make custom medication tailored to individual needs. For example:


  • If you are allergic to an inactive ingredient in a prescribed medication, such as a preservative or dye, our pharmacist can make that medication without the inactive ingredient.

  • If you take hormones, your body may react better to bioidentical hormone therapy.

  • If you take pain medication we can make safe, non-opioid medications that target and are effective against your specific pain.

We work very closely with your doctor to find a treatment that works for you.  


Belle Mead packs your medications in Dispill “Blister Packs".  Dispill is an easier, and safer way to take medicine.


Each blister has medications sorted and separated by the day and time you take them. All you have to do is open a single blister and take your meds for that time of day.  Unlike pillboxes & pill organizers each Dispill is set-up at the pharmacy and double-checked for accuracy. 


Portable:  Dispill blisters are easily detachable which allows you to take only the medications you need when you go out for the day or  take short trips. 


Compression Stockings

We carry a large line of medical grade stockings.


Our trained staff will measure your legs to assure fit.  We back our measurement with a money back guarantee.


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East Setauket, NY 11733

TEL: (631) 444-0784

FAX: (631) 689-2209