Belle Mead - the best pharmacy for seniors, people with special needs and their families.


Founded in 2012, Belle Mead Pharmacy is a fully licensed and accredited pharmacy that has been serving the community from the very first day that we opened our doors. We believe in an integrative approach to medicine - one in which the patient is not only given medication, but also other support tools such as alternative therapies, education, and a familiar shoulder to lean on when they’re in need. 


Today, we continue to develop new ideas and bring in new products to help treat patients as individuals and really make a positive change in their health. Our customer service is second to none as we strive to provide our patients with a comfortable experience when using our services. This has led to the development of a deep-rooted bond between our customers and our pharmacy’s staff.  We all know each other by name and treat each other as members of one large, extended family. 


We are located in East Setauket, NY.  Drop-ins are always welcome!