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We are Belle Mead, the Long Island Pharmacy that sorts and organizes all your prescription by day, date and time.  We deliver to your home, senior residence or assisted living facility.  You never have to worry about not having your medications when you need them.  We coordinate with your doctor and take care of all your med changes.   It's easier and cleaner than pill boxes, pill organizers and medication dispensers.  Call us to sign up for this program.  


1. Your Doctor Prescribes

Just like any other pharmacy, your doctor sends prescriptions straight to us. You can also easily transfer any existing prescriptions. 

2. We Sort and Pack

We sort and organize your prescriptions, vitamins, and OTC drugs by day, date, and time.

3. Delivery

Your prescriptions are delivered to your door at no extra cost; delivery is completely free

Your copay will be the same. Delivery is always free.


Belle Mead packs your medications in Dispill “Blister Packs".  Dispill is a patented, safer, easier way to take medicine.


Easier, Safer: Each blister has your medications sorted and separated by the day and time you take them. All you have to do is open a single blister and take your meds for that time of day.  Unlike pillboxes, pill organizers and medication dispensers each Dispill is set-up at the pharmacy and double-checked for accuracy before delivery. There is no contamination from previous medications or dust.

Portable: Each Dispill blister is easily detachable which allows you to take only the medications that you need when you go out for the day, take short trips or leave your room to have breakfast with friends. 


"I have 11 prescriptions.  You made it so easy for me to take them.  I've stopped worrying about which drugs I have to take at what time or about renewing my prescriptions.  Thank you."


" I don't have to drive down anymore from upstate and set-up my Mom's meds. If there's any issue with her drugs you call me and we take care of it together.  You've become my Mom's minder and made my life worry-free.  "


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Same Day Delivery Area
  •  Coram

  • East Setauke

  • Farmingville

  • Hauppauge

  • Holbrook

  • Holtsville

  • Lake Grove

  • Lake Ronkonkoma

  • Medford

  • Nesconset

  • Port Jefferson

  • Ronkonkoma

  • Selden

  • Smithtown

  • Setauket

  • Stony Brook 

Other Long Island locations
two to three day delivery

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday:  9:30am - 7:00pm

Walk-ins Welcome!

Prefer to pickup? Visit our store at:

196 N Belle Mead Rd
East Setauket, NY 11733

Contact Info

Telephone: 631-444-0784

Fax:  631-689-2209

Belle Mead Pharmacy

Belle Mead Pharmacy

The Long Island Pharmacy that sorts, organizes and delivers your medications

The Long Island Pharmacy that sorts, organizes and delivers your medications